Highlight of the trip in Luangprabang  should  come to visit # Fasay Garden #

1.  Delicious Lao local foods for  lunch 

If you would like to have delicious Lao local foods for lunch * Fasay Garden * is a nice place for you to eat lunch, after lunch we will show you to see the beautiful nature Organic plants garden

( You will have amazing trip if you come to visit the Fasay garden )

2.  Home stay + Activities

If you would like to stay 1 day, 2 days or 3-4 days you will know more about Lao culture and traditions , this is very nice an activity  in the community.

The activities to do are:

  • learn  how to steam sticky rice 
  • Join cooking  local Lao foods and use for meals
  • do morning arms giving ( Tak bat in Lao) to the monks with local people     
  • Gardening to plant: banana,papaya,pumpkin,ginger,turmeric,vegetables …
  • teach English to Lao students
  • Look around the village
  • visit Kuangsi waterfall early ( without too much visitors )
  • Go swimming at the waterfall

3.  School visiting

There are many  schools in country side that they need helping, We go to visit primary schools 6-10 kilometers around here every month to give some objects for those school ( pens, pencils, books, student Uniforms, balls…) If you would like to support them please buy some these things that you can  to bring to Fasay Garden then we go together if you have enough time, if you can’t go we will send you photo of children who get your gifts by E-mail or face book.

( welcome all people who would like help Lao children in rural area)

4.  English class teaching

It is  very difficult for Lao students in the country side to learn English, the most English learning places only in the Luangprabang town, every week from Monday to Friday evening at ( 5:00-7:30 ) pm, we have small English class for the children, there are around 35 students in the village and other villages come to learn English if you would like to help them to speak English, please join our classes to teach them,they will be happy to meet you and learn English from you and they will have a good in the future.       

Please support these children in community to have opportunity to learn English by to donate some money that you can ( $5,$10,$20,$50,$100,$200…) we prepare to buy students uniforms,books,pens,pencils,summer activities…

5. Trip in the community 

  If you would like to have a nice trip in Luangprabang town. “Fasay garden” is the best a place for you to choose, We are small a village, It is 200 m before Kuangsi waterfall, you will know more things about Lao culture and daily life of local people in the country community

5.1. One day trip + Activities ( 9:00am -14:00pm )

Morning activities

  • Look through organic garden to see banana, papaya, pineapple,lemongrass, turmeric, lime, ginger…
  • Learn how to cook Local Lao foods:  fried bamboo with eggs, Tomatoes or peanuts sauce…                                                                                              Afternoon activities 
  • Village guided tour to see local people at home 
  • Visit Lao students at school
  • Go swimming in the river ( It is the same river of Kuangsi waterfall )

You will have wonderful trip if you choose to come to the  “ Fasay  garden  ”

5.2   Two days 1 night trip in the community

   If you would like to see the real daily life of local people in the community, spend time with the children, swimming, have delicious local foods with sticky rice,    and relaxing with the nature.  “ Fasay Garden “ is the best a place for you to see these things and you will know more about Lao culture and tradition. We are small a village 200m before   Kuangsi waterfall.

  • Day # 1
  1. Looking the Organic garden: banana, papaya, pumpkin, ginger, vegetables, lemongrass, lime, turmeric…
  2. Cooking class: learn how to cook local Lao foods and have lunch
  3. See the waterfall
  4. Learn cooking sticky rice
  5. Teach English to Lao children ( It will be nice for them to practice their English with you ) 
  6. Eat dinner and relax
  • Day # 2
  1. Do morning arm giving ( Tak Bath in Lao ) to the monks with local people
  2. Trekking for 2 hours to see spring water of Kuangsi waterfall,agter that we walk back to the top of Kuangsi waterfall then you can take swimming
  3. Visit a primary school to give some pens,books and pencils for school then we go to give foods to the temple ( You can choose one thing between number 2 or 3) of second day, It will take half day.

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